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Jan 27, 2019


3 Key Ergo Tips For Computer Pain Podcast Cover Art

Are You In Pain Because Of Your Computer?

If your neck, shoulder, wrist or elbow is killing you, don't just pop another handful of pills or slap on some ice!…

Here are three key tips on what to do about it – Especially if you have Computer Wrist or Mouse Elbow!

This covers the three biggest ergonomic factors, as I see them – The 3 big "hacks" that have benefited me tremendously over the years with all the time I've spent on my computer, which is pretty substantial.

I'll leave the 7 other suggestions for you to read in my article, 10 Tips To Healing Mouse Elbow (link below) – If you want more suggestions and details, beyond the ergonomic.

I'm focusing on the 3 key ergonomic suggestions because these are adjustments that you only need to make once that can deliver substantial improvements for years to come.

Here's the link to the full article if you'd like to read along:

10 Tips To Healing Mouse Elbow Article (Including Podcast)

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