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A contrarian Tennis Elbow and Golfer's Elbow resource, to help you sort through the myths and misconceptions around this frustrating, painful tendon curse.

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Sep 22, 2016

Golfer's and Tennis Elbow treatment strategy podcast cover art

Do you have a Tennis Elbow treatment plan? A consistent strategy based on how to – And just as importantly – How NOT to treat it?

Here's one based on straight-forward principles of healing and my decade-plus experience successfully treating Golfer's and Tennis Elbow sufferers.

Unfortunately, the typical Tennis Elbow treatment protocol tends to be overly focused on alleviating symptoms – Not on healing.

(And we always have to remember they are not the same thing – Sometimes they are mutually exclusive.)

If you completely heal your injury there should be no more pain – but there are a lot of things you can do to relieve pain (by suppressing it, usually) that have no positive effect on healing your injury, and which, can impede healing – or even worsen your injury.

So, it’s not surprising that so many Tennis and Golfer's Elbow sufferers find themselves scrambling from treatment to treatment and from cure to so-called “cure” – without a real strategy or a deeper understanding of the injury, in desperate search of relief…

This is especially true in the beginning – Before you understand how serious your Tennis Elbow injury really is…

Before you realize it's not going to just get better permanently with a little rest, a few pills and some ice…

And before you suddenly get it!... You're trapped in a terrible, vicious cycle!

So if you need a plan for escaping that vicious cycle – What I call, “The Tennis Elbow Triple Trap” this podcast episode is for you.

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