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Oct 13, 2018

Guitar Elbow Podcast Episode Artwork

Can you develop Tennis or Golfer's Elbow from playing your guitar? (Or any other stringed instrument, for that matter?) Unfortunately, yes, all too easily...

And whether you call it Guitar Elbow, "Guitar Tendonitis" or Guitar Tennis Elbow, this podcast episode is all about helping you get off on the right track, understanding and treating your Guitar-related pain or injury the right way.

Regardless of whether it's affecting your fretting or your strumming hand – or whether it's your inner or outer elbow that's hurting – OR even if it's your wrist tendons that are screaming in pain...

This will help you avoid the worst myths, missteps and pitfalls that trip up so many stringed-instrument players, struggling with these annoying and potentially disabling injuries.

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Guitar Elbow Article (Including Podcast)

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