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Apr 15, 2017

Physical Therapy in the Treatment of Lateral Epicondylitis

If you have Tennis Elbow and go to see your Doctor for diagnosis and treatment, it's very likely that you'll be given a prescription for Physical Therapy treatments.

But, the question is: How likely are those treatment to help you fully recover?

(Or to at least to put you well on your way to healing and recovery in a reasonable period of time.)

And what if you've already been through a series of visits and it didn't help you – What do you do NOW?

There's no doubt that Physical or 'Physiotherapy' treatments help some Tennis and Golfer's Elbow sufferers recover…

However, in my experience, working directly with hundreds of Golfer's and Tennis Elbow sufferers for about 15 years…

And from what I've gathered from talking with my Tennis Elbow Classroom program members, Physical Therapy also seems to let a lot of people down...

And in many cases, that's after dozens of visits, MONTHS of hard work and precious wasted time and energy – that's gone forever.

NOT to disparage hard-working and well-meaning Physical Therapists.

Tennis Elbow is a stubborn, difficult to treat injury – and my skepticism and criticism has to do with the overall Medical System and how it looks at and treats these kinds of injuries.

And since Physical Therapy is under the umbrella of the Allopathic Medicine and its symptom-obsessed Model, there's quite a lot to criticize. Including how that system, in a way, ties the hands of its practitioners.

So, let's begin with a look at HOW Tennis Elbow is typically treated…

This podcast episode covers:

  • How is Tennis Elbow / Lateral Epicondylitis typically treated in Physical Therapy?
  • What are the techniques or 'Modalities' often used?
  • Is anything missing from this typical treatment protocol?
  • And are there Tennis Elbow rehab exercises you can do at home?

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How Effective Is Physical Therapy For Treating Tennis Elbow?

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Physical Therapy And Tennis Elbow [VIDEO]

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